The following lists are of the approved deliverables and the submitted deliverables of the Lrn2Cre8 project. They are listed in date order of when they were submitted. For those reports that are approved and public, a link will be provided to the actual document.

Approved Deliverables

Deliverable Title Delivered Status Type Document link
D9.1: Project web site Month 3 PU O
D7.1: Technical Infrastructure Month 4 PU R Lrn2Cre8-D7.1Final.pdf
D5.2: Review of methods Month 9 PU R Lrn2Cre8-D5.2Final.pdf
D1.1: Framework for data representation Month 12 PU P
D2.5: Preliminary probabilistic linear basis model for musical expression Month 12 PU P
D3.1: Sampling from models Month 12 PU R Lrn2Cre8-D3.1Final.pdf
D7.2: Music Research Support Framework Month 12 PU P
D9.2: Dissemination, Report 1 Month 12 PU R Lrn2Cre8-D9.2Final.pdf
D8.1: Commercialisation
reports, year 1
Month 13 PP R
D2.4: Algorithms for learning transformations for music Month 19 PU P Lrn2Cre8D2.4final.pdf
D1.2: Encoding language Month 24 PU P Lrn2Cre8D1.2final.pdf
D2.2: Abstract
structure learning
Month 24 PU P Lrn2Cre8D2.2final.pdf
D3.4.1: Markov
constraint formation
Month 24 PU R Lrn2Cre8D3.4.1finalv2.pdf
D4.2: Conceptual
Month 24 PU R Lrn2Cre8D4.2final.pdf
D8.2: Commercialisation
reports, year 2
Month 24 PP R
D9.3: Dissemination, report 2 Month 24 PP R

Submitted Deliverables

Deliverable Title Delivered Status Type Document link
D2.1: Style induction models Month 30 PU P
D2.3: Report(s) on modelling salience in music Month 30 PU R
D3.2: Generative Deep Learning implementation Month 30 PU P
D3.3: Application of sampling methods to generate expressive performances from the probabilistic model Month 30 PU P
D3.6: Integrated
Month 30 PU P
D4.1: Transforming music Month 30 PU R
D7.3: Curated Corpora Month 30 PU R
D1.3: Reports on Encoding language Month 36 PU R
D3.7: Markov constraint formation update Month 36 PU R
D5.1: Evaluations Month 36 PU R
D5.3: Report(s) on novel methods and evaluation Month 36 PU R
D6.2: Evaluation of music Month 36 PU R
D7.4: Music Research Data Month 36 PU O
D8.3: Commercialisation reports, year 3 Month 36 CO R
D9.4: Dissemination,report 3 Month 36 PU R
D9.5: Concert(s) Month 36 PU O

[PU = Public,
PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)
CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)
R = Report, P = Prototype, D = Demonstrator, O = Other]